Two-way conversations and more humanity are what we need to bridge the social divide


Has it really been 10 years? Toby Daniels, founder of  Social Media Week, began the 2018 event with a walk down memory lane. Momentous changes have occurred in the social realm in the decade since Daniels ran his inaugural Social Media Week, from the rise of Instagram to peak over-share in 2012, the ice bucket challenge in 2014 through to the emergence of the social influencer, the point at which, in Daniels’ words, “A niche internet trend becomes one of those most influential mediums in the world.” Given the amount of youngsters these days who have never, and will never watch traditional television, that seems pretty accurate.

But Daniels also noted that, “Our collective outlook on the relationship between humanity and technology was much more simplistic and much more positive in 2009.” SMW revealed stats this week showing that nearly half of US adults have proactively blocked or unfriended someone because that person’s worldview conflicted with their own, creating rifts amongst communities and a growing social divide. Alongside this, 48% of adults say social media and tech have had a negative impact on democracy. It really does feel like an awful long time has passed since those wide-eyes optimistic days of social media’s infancy.

Many of us bear witness daily to this growing negativity within our social feeds as arguments are played out with a bluntness or lack of respect that would never occur within the physical domain. And yet conversely, even the most begrudging of social media users would be forced to admit to smiling after seeing friend after friend – punctuated by the occasional celebrity - soaking themselves to the bone in the aid of ALS cause that, prior to the ice bucket challenge, most of us had never even heard of.

Daniels’ point about marketing felt particularly prescient. “Social media was supposed to facilitate two way conversations between marketers and their audiences.” Yes it was, but to what extent is this truly happening today, particularly in a world where everyone – brand, individual, community – seems to prioritise broadcasting over listening and engaging?

There’s a lesson here for the world of PR and communications. We speak to the media every single day, we run our clients’ social feeds and represent the brands to their customers, we speak to dozens and dozens of fast-growing businesses every month. If we are to play our own small part in bringing this fragmented world closer together, then we must break with the "pitch first, listen later" attitude that still makes people sceptical of PR people, and we must build closer, reciprocal relationships with everyone in our professional lives.

Burgers, Beyonce, and Branding: A Reflection on Millennial 20/20

Kite Hill’s UK team recently attended Millennial 20/20 - recently rebranded as FUTR - a fairly new event located in East London’s Old Truman Brewery, focusing on how brands, marketers and retailers can respond to ever-changing consumer culture and consumption habits.

What was striking about Millennial 20/20 was its atmosphere. Though partially attributable to the free waffles and popcorn, there was an infectious excitement and a noticeable lack of formality. Exhibitors and attendees alike seemed to bask in the opportunity to meet and chat in a relaxed and casual way. Within this context, it was inspiring to explore a range of mar/adtech, digital media and retail companies’ work and, after a morning of insightful talks and panel sessions, we left feeling stuffed full of both ideas and burgers (having dropped by Deliveroo’s wall of burgers activation on the way back to the office).

Here are the key takeaways from our favourite sessions:   
     1. What Beyoncé’s beyhive can teach us about brand loyalty
Josephine Hansom, Head of Youth Research & Insight, YouthSight

Hansom explained that being truly strategic requires a creative and innovative approach to communications strategies, one which is cognisant of trends in wider society and culture, and one which takes inspiration from outside of traditional PR and communications thinking. This session explored - through the lens of Beyonce - how to cultivate brand loyalty with Gen Z, by transposing the characteristics young people admire in celebrities to your brand and messaging.

  • Be unapologetically disruptive. Like with her groundbreaking album Lemonade, Beyoncédisrupts the status quo with everything she does. Prior to Lemonade, she hadn’t released an album in almost two years. That in itself is disruptive in today’s music industry, and it hasn’t cost her any fans.
  • Stand for something. From her Black Lives Matter Superbowl tribute to her Formation Scholars college grants, Beyoncé is a committed activist. She stands for causes outside of her main talent, and does so with authenticity. Gen Z expect celebrities, influencers and brands to be ethical, virtuous and just. However, this doesn’t extend to a CSR campaign or token project, this must form a central component of a brand’s identity.
  • Be real. Social media has fundamentally changed the ways in which audiences can communicate and relate to celebrities and influencers. Young people align themselves more closely with those who are authentic and imperfect - who Snapchat without a full face of makeup, who Instagram Live stream eating pizza in their pajamas. Gen Z doesn’t relate to the perfectly coiffed, impeccably executed: they look for real and raw, for truth.

     2. What does authentic marketing look like in today's world?
Moderated by Rich Kitto, Head of Creative Brand Strategy, The Tab

With speakers from Yotpo, Lifestyles, Tata Communications, Lego, and Livearea, this panel explored the concept of authenticity in marketing, how it has come to be expected by today’s consumer, and how to execute authentic brand marketing strategies.

  • Brands should engage directly with their consumers, letting them guide brand and marketing strategy. This comes from listening to the consumer, and allowing them a space to have a voice in the brand.
  • Authenticity and trust in a brand comes from friends, families and peers - so marketing strategies must be centred around empowering an audience to share stories. Stories add realness to a brand, and are the foundation of awareness, authenticity and loyalty.
  • Communications strategies must also be holistic in order to build authenticity. The experiential aspect of a brick-and-mortar store must tie together with the experiences of brand interactions on social, apps, and ads, allowing consumers to connect with a brand in a way that’s individual and organic, and therefore authentic.

AD tech experts debate the impacts of GDPR at KITE HILL PR's April #NYAdTech meetup

As an ad tech specialist PR agency, we host quarterly events that examine some of the biggest issues impacting the digital marketing and advertising industry. With Europe poised to bring down the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) hammer on May 25, we knew we needed to bring in industry experts to make sense of this pivotal moment in the industry.
Panelists included Laura Koulet (VP, Legal Counsel, Tapad), J. Allen Dove, (CTO, SpotX), Ana Milicevic (Co-founder & Principal, Sparrow Digital Holdings), and moderator, Hillary Adler (Senior Editor, DMN), who broke down the complexities of GDPR and educated the audience on what a post-GDPR world will look like.
As the discussion started to take shape, a few keys components of GDPR began to stand out – how did we get here? Who will be affected? And what role do consumers play in all this?
Why was GDPR needed, and will the U.S. follow suit?
GDPR is a wake-up call, and a good first step. “I would say that GDPR is definitely enough for companies to sit up and take notice, and to ensure that they aren’t just operating like it’s business as usual,” said Koulet. “Companies have to take a deep dive into their data processing activities and understand where the data is coming from, how they are collecting it and whether they are doing it within the scope of the law.”
This shouldn’t be a surprise to companies either, according to Milicevic. Lazy designs, and a laissez-faire approach, are to blame for some of the current problems companies are facing with data breaches. “A lot of the platforms need to ask themselves what is the purpose, and use, of the data that is being collected, and what do consumers expect future use of that data to be,” said Milicevic, “because this is exactly where we are starting to see things fall apart at the seams.”
Corporate responses to these breaches have also surprised Milicevic, who added that she was very surprised with Facebook’s comment regarding whether they were going to apply GDPR-related changes everywhere. “They said they would ‘in spirit.’ Spiritual compliance,” joked Milicevic.
The panel was not keen on U.S.-based companies’ approach to the global regulation either. “U.S. companies are less privacy-focused,” said Koulet. Dove added that the U.S. “doesn’t have the stick,” to enforce regulations. The panel did agree that GDPR is a good baseline for other countries, however, the large gap in the understanding of customer data collection by the customer and legislative side makes similar U.S.-based regulations a less realistic option. Yet California was mentioned as a possible beacon of hope.
Place your bets – When, where and on whom does the hammer fall?
“We have an internal bet,” Dove joked. “Which group, or industry, is going to get tagged first? Low hanging fruit, which is, well, raise your hand if you’re in advertising technology. We’re kind of an easy mark.”  
“We also have an internal bet,” responded Milicevic, “where the first lawsuit is going to be filed, and when. I’ve got my money on Spain and May 28.”
A call to consumers to stand up
Companies and legislative bodies are not the only responsible parties when it comes to data usage and protection.
“At the end of the day, consumers have to take some responsibility too,” mused Dove. “There is no motivation for legislators or companies (to take additional measures regarding the collection of data in the U.S.), if consumers are not behind this,” he continued. “You want consumers to stand up and demand something? Offer them some money! Offer them a way to make money off of their data.”
Dove hopes that these recent breaches and regulations will serve as a wakeup call to consumers and make them more aware of what happens to their data.
In summary, while our speakers did not have high hopes for any U.S. regulations off the back of GDPR, they agree that the regulations are a great first step. The onus is now on impacted companies to be in compliance. Consumers aren’t off the hook either, it’s time for us all, as consumers, to start caring about who has our data and what they are doing with it.
We will leave you with the question that Milicevic proposed to attendees. When was the last time you actually read a privacy policy or ULA (user license agreement), in full? Now might be a good time to start. 

Kite Hill acquires Cutler PR

Since our founding, we've been focused on telling the stories of tech and media companies around the globe. As technology continues to shape every aspect of our lives, we’re excited by having more opportunities to craft stories for today’s most innovative tech companies through the acquisition of Cutler PR. 

Our mission is to create a communications agency that truly represents the ever-changing field of communications. Today, that means having divisions that include content creation, events production and experiential marketing. We’re keeping an eye on what that means for tomorrow -- both through the work we do each day at Kite Hill PR and the issues we explore each year during our leading industry conference, Communications Week.

This is a tremendous step forward as we continue to forge a path of growth. Read our press release below for more details. 


Kite Hill PR Acquires Leading Tech-Focused Firm, Cutler PR

Acquisition Bolsters Kite Hill PR’s Client Base in the Emerging and B2B Tech Sectors and Accelerates Agency Growth

NEW YORK, NY (February 6, 2018) - Kite Hill PR, an award-winning strategic communications agency, today announced it has acquired Cutler PR, a tech-focused PR firm based in New York City and Tel Aviv with clients in the cyber security, enterprise technology, mobile and retail tech categories. The addition of Cutler PR’s client base and staff to Kite Hill PR’s expanding roster serves as an immediate extension of the agency as it extends its client base into new B2B and emerging tech categories.

Since Cutler PR was founded by Zach Cutler in 2009, the media relations-focused firm has served as agency of record for nearly 100 tech startups and industry leaders. The firm  has been known for leading the U.S. launch of Gett, heading worldwide PR for Trivia Crack and helping it reach 250 million users, and executing PR for Andela’s launch and prior to its $24 million investment by Mark Zuckerberg. Cutler PR’s team of media relations experts have helped dozens of startups and scale-ups achieve funding, acquisition or IPO.

"This is a significant milestone in our company’s history and a first step as we forge a path of continued international growth,” said Tiffany Guarnaccia, CEO of Kite Hill PR and founder of Communications Week. “My goal is to continue to shape an agency that represents the future of communications – spanning traditional PR, content creation and experiential marketing. Cutler PR’s notable client roster combined with the teams’ experience and knowledge in the technology PR space adds value to our firm.”

Cutler PR’s existing clients will benefit from Kite Hill PR’s expansive service offering, which encompasses traditional PR and media relations as well as event production and content creation.

“I’m thrilled for Cutler PR to be joining the Kite Hill PR family. We will be able to provide more resources and service offerings to our clients, as well as more opportunities to our team. Cutler PR’s ethos since day one has been to deliver excellent results to clients and empower every team member to achieve and learn more than imagined. I couldn’t think of a better home for these values to be continued,” said Zach Cutler, founder and CEO of Cutler PR.

“Kite Hill PR has been known for its strong media relations skills and expanded set of services. By combining our strengths, the agency will be able to deliver even greater value to clients,” added Cutler.

“Cutler PR helped LocalVox gain tremendous visibility, including recognition as one of the hottest NYC startups in Forbes, Business Insider and the Huffington Post,” said Trevor Sumner, co-founder and former president of LocalVox and current CEO of Perch Interactive. “Our success and acquisition were in part fueled by ‘punching above our weight class’ in the media, and I’m excited to see Kite Hill PR take that approach to new heights for Perch Interactive.”

Zach Cutler will transition to the role of strategic advisor and will be based in Tel Aviv. Following the acquisition, Cutler will be focused on developing Propel, a new technology venture he has formed to bring innovation, machine learning and analytics to the PR industry. Propel, the first smart CRM for PR, has closed an angel round of funding and is launching its public beta for agency and in-house PR teams next month.

“I am personally excited to see Zach’s vision for a new PR tech platform become a reality. One of the tenets on which Communications Week was founded was that the PR industry needs to continue to reinvent itself – not only from the services that we offer, but also the tools and platforms that professionals use. I commend Zach for leading this charge and look forward to Kite Hill becoming one of Propel’s first beta customers,” said Guarnaccia.

Kite Hill PR is known for its proactive, creative culture and flexible work environment. Cutler PR’s existing staff will join Kite Hill PR in its New York headquarters. Kite Hill PR has expanded both its areas of specialization and its service offerings since its official launch in 2014. The firm currently has two offices and three divisions – Kite Hill PR, Kite Hill Content Studio and Kite Hill Experiences – through which it provides content marketing, event management and media relations services to a growing global client base. The firm’s events division owns and operates the weeklong industry event,Communications Week, as well as numerous local tech-focused Meetup Groups in New York City.

Kite Hill’s acting CFO Seth Rosenstein was the advisor to Kite Hill. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

nterested in working with Kite Hill PR? Email 

2017: a year of growth

2017 was a year of growth and many successes, which would not have been possible without our incredible roster of clients and partners around the world. Over the course of the past year, the Kite Hill team has grown substantially, with new hires in our offices, exciting new clients and a diverse range of projects and assignments that have tested our creativity, enthusiasm and communications skills. Bring on 2018! 

Kite Hill PR closes out 2017 with multiple industry recognitions

Kite Hill PR ended the year by bringing home two notable industry awards. In December, Kite Hill PR was listed among The Observer’s list of "New York's Top Specialty PR Firms." There are just a few slots on this prestigious list. For the second year in a row, Kite Hill was recognized as a go-to specialty tech PR firms, as a result of its expertise in ad tech, marketing, media and tech industries.

The agency's client roster grew by nearly 50% over the course of 2017. New clients included media companies BuzzFeed and TechRadar, along with ad tech startup DeepIntent. The team’s innovative thinking and commendable work continues to distinguish Kite Hill as a leading specialist agency. We are true experts in our client's industries from B2B tech, to ad tech, martech, media and entertainment.

The year end continued on a high note with Kite Hill PR CEO and Founder, Tiffany Guarnaccia, being named on PRNews “Top Women in PR” 2018 list. Received for her creativity, commitment to the industry and leadership, this award puts her alongside other influential female leaders in the industry. She is also a driving force behind Communications Week, which will be taking place again in October 2018. We hope to see you there! 

Kite Hill PR Joins "Meet the PR Pros Panel" at NYIT Fall PRSSA Event

Kite Hill recently had the pleasure of participating at New York Institute of Technology’s Meet the PR Pros event, organized by PRSSA (Public Relation Student Society of America). As a top specialty PR firm and the organizers behind the week-long industry event Communications Week, Kite Hill is often invited to share best practices at industry events. Kara O’Donnell, Senior Account Executive, spoke alongside other industry professionals, offering career advice, best interview practices, insights into agency life, and other helpful tips on transitioning from life as a college student to a young professional.

As Kite Hill PR’s first intern turned full-time team member, Kara talked with students and faculty on her past experiences and advised students on how to follow a similar path. 

Key Tips for Young Professionals: 

  • Learn as much as you can
    • It’s important to learn as much as possible in your role, no matter what it may be (intern, associate, executive, etc.), and apply it to your everyday responsibilities. 
  • Be a “Life-Long Learner”
    • Learning certainly does not stop in the classroom or after graduation. As many PR professionals can attest to, there are always ample amounts of new skills and techniques to learn and apply no matter where you are at in your career. 
  • Constantly work to improve your writing skills 
    • Strong writing skills are needed to excel in the PR industry. This not only includes drafting emails and other client documents, but also the ability to write strong pitches, press releases, bylined articles, amongst many other forms of writing. 

At Kite Hill, our team members are constantly encouraged to further develop their skillsets and networks through our collaborative environment. We loved sharing our top takeaways and advice with those who will shape the future of the industry! 

Thank you to NYIT for having us! 

Takeaways from Advertising Week 2017 #AWNEWYORK

Guest post from Moira Shannon, Kite Hill PR Account Associate

As an agency that specializes in ad tech PR, many of our team members attended sessions during the 2017 Advertising Week New York to uncover hot trends under this year’s theme: “great minds think unalike.” The week provided a unique platform for industry leaders to share their predictions on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With so many panelists spread across so many days of programming, it was no surprise that the industry had some conflicting views on hot topics like AI: is it taking over or is it overhyped? However, there were a few findings that everyone could get behind. Here are some themes that stood out as true trends to watch:

“In this golden age of data we know more about our customers than ever before.”
Richard Hearn, GM Global Head of Revenue, Watson Customer Engagement IBM

Several sessions stressed the importance of knowing your customers. In today’s digital landscape, using all available technology is crucial. Panelists agreed that if you don’t invest in a consumer graph and enhancing experiences, then you’re going to be in trouble.

“Mobile is changing because of the new data wave it’s generating.” 
Antonio Tomarchio, CEO, Cuebiq

Another thing panelists could agree on? Mobile is the future. Today’s brands are telling stories to thrive and survive, and there’s an increasing set of data that never existed before. It’s an exciting time for brands to tap into new trends like vertical video and voice in order to create new experiences for how consumers engage with content.

“Details and specificity are what create authenticity, and authentic brands are winning today.”
Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker

With “fake news” cropping up everywhere you look, it’s increasingly important for brands to remain authentic. Truth and transparency in communications is what will make brands stand out. At the end of the day, trusted content is what will benefit your audiences the most.
At Kite Hill PR we look forward to seeing these trends take us into 2018. It’s an ever changing industry, and an exciting time to be a part of it!

In the meantime, we hope to see you the week of October 16 in New York for the fourth annual Communications Week, where we turn our eyes to the communications industry. This year we will be uncovering “Truth in Communications,” addressing issues such as transparency in influencer marketing, truth in the newsroom, the future of the PR industry and more!



Kite Hill PR Goes Inside Refinery29's 29Rooms

Guest post from Sylvie Calman, Kite Hill PR Account Manager

Kite Hill PR recently explored Refinery29’s third annual 29Rooms. As a specialist agency, that focuses on working with traditional and new media companies as clients, we loved seeing how media leaders like Refinery29 leverage interactive events and experiences to connect with their readers. 29Rooms was a truly engaging and interactive experience that brought brands to life for consumers and that left us with more than a few thoughts, and some nail polish! A win/win for these PR pros.

Firstly, it’s important to note the timing of this event, which helps paint a picture of why this experience can be effective for brands. For three years now, 29Rooms has taken place during NY Fashion Week, and has been strategically timed to provide brands with an alternative way to break through during the often cluttered week of runway shows and parties. Not only does this give brands direct access to consumers, it creates a personal and exclusive feeling for those who might not be able to participate in Fashion Week (but want to).


The experience welcomes you with a step-and-repeat - already encouraging visitors to snap selfies and share as they explore. This year’s theme was “Turn it into Art” - with both established and emerging artists and partners including Jake Gyllenhaal, Planned Parenthood, Women’s March, Maisie Cousins and Emma Roberts’ book community Belletrist to name a few, creating rooms aimed to . There were, of course, leading brands sponsors including Casper, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dyson, Juicy Couture, Clarins, Ulta Beauty and Cadillac participating and pushing consumer engagement boundaries.

As a digital media site aimed to serve the needs of millennial women, we felt 29Rooms struck the perfect balance of controversy, education and inspiration. Artists and brands used these rooms to talk with their consumers, rather than at them. This opened the door for consumers to interact with their favorite brands and create a memorable experience they could share across social.

We particularly loved Dunkin’ Donuts room appropriately titled, “Behind the Flavor”, where the coffee brand created a “Dunkin’ at home” experience where consumers could explore and taste test new flavor options and vote for the brands’ next flavor release. In a digital and social environment, it’s crucial for brands to be a part of the larger conversations consumers are taking a part in, and vice versa. Connecting with consumers is so important in this age of ad-blocking, if brands are not having open dialogue with consumers they are missing out on major opportunities. Storytelling is an essential component to any brand’s marketing strategy and 29Rooms was perfectly executed for brands to take their message directly to consumers and further, to inspire action.
Definitely a worthwhile experience for Kite Hill PR, one leaving us motivated and excited for the next level of experiential marketing!


NY AdTech Meetup: OTT Advertising & The Future of TV


Kite Hill PR recently held its latest #NYAdTech Meetup panel discussion on the future of TV and OTT advertising trends.

The conversation was led by Adweek’s Digital Media Reporter, Sami Main, and was hosted at Roku’s new office near Times Square. Panelists included OTT advertising experts: Greg Isaacs, chief product & marketing officer, Branded Entertainment Network (BEN); Renee Plato, SVP of media solutions & innovation, Nielsen; Scott Rosenberg, GM & SVP of advertising, Roku; and John Caldwell, SVP of business development & legal affairs, Synacor. Kite Hill PR’s CEO & Founder, Tiffany Guarnaccia, introduced the panelists and kicked off the event.

After a quick show of hands, we noted quite a mix of viewing behaviors in the room. Leading the poll were traditional TV and OTT viewers, followed by cord-cutters and a handful of cord-nevers. Our audience’s answers demonstrate the changing viewing behaviors of consumers and the complexities advertisers now face when trying to reach them.

The panel discussion uncovered some key trends: TV consumption is still on the uptick but the devices on which we consume video continue to vary; there is a massive need for the monetization of content across channels.

Streaming Is Evolving Rapidly but TV is Still Coming Out On Top
Our experts began the conversation with the infamous industry debate, “is TV dead?” With the increased adoption of streaming, many have argued that the TV industry is coming to an end. Plato explained, “TV is being consumed at higher levels than ever before. When looking at all screens and devices, TV is on the uptick."

While most agreed with Plato, Isaacs shared an opposing view with the audience encouraging brands to act now to alter their OTT advertising approach, “Product integration is key for advertisers. The world of advertising is changing. There is a small window of opportunity for brands to take advantage of this land grab. Amazon is doing it now with 100% of Amazon originals incorporating product integration. Brands need to start experimenting with product integration now."

Rosenberg was in agreement with Plato on the healthy state of TV advertising but also agreed with Isaacs, "If you’re betting on transition and investing in new advertising models or producing content, you’re on the right side [preparing for the future]."

Content Is Still King and Distribution Is Queen
Panelists were quick to note just how rapidly the media landscape is changing. As Isaacs said, “Platforms aren’t emerging, they’re winning.” He went on to address the changes occurring saying, “People will consume media in a lot of different ways and in ways we haven’t even thought about yet.”

The quality of content that exists today is greater than ever before. Caldwell explained the appeal of OTT saying, “OTT enables consumers to access video content where they want, when they want and on what platform.” Rosenberg added that the changes taking place could lead to the idea that, “OTT and TV will be synonymous in just a few short years.”

As our experts discussed the importance of this, they also noted that brands and advertisers must adapt quickly to these changes. Rosenberg addressed the importance of the 18-34 demographic, “[This demo] watches traditional TV with much less frequency. We should be thinking about when this demo is the dominant purchasing power and how to best reach them.”

Isaacs offered another solution saying, “Product integration is key for advertisers. The world of advertising is changing. There is a small window of opportunity for brands to take advantage of this land grab."

It’s a Great Time to Be a Consumer
It’s a great time to be a consumer with nearly endless options of what to watch, when and where. TV has created great opportunity up and down the value chain. Isaacs again stressed the “dynamic media landscape” and the importance of placing smart bets on the future of OTT, because “no one really knows what’s going to happen next.”

As the discussion came to a close, all participants agreed that one thing the future of viewing experiences must accomplish is simplification. As Plato said, “being able to navigate devices is clunky today.” Instead we need to find a “more elegant viewing experience across a single device platform.”
Rosenberg ended by addressing the importance of adtech in OTT saying we must, “crack the code around monetizing user attention in this new world.”


Kite Hill Team Fun: Bowling At Chelsea Piers

As we prepare to head into a busy fall season, the team from Kite Hill PR's New York office took time out to bowl at Chelsea Piers. It was a great afternoon spent together with some friendly competition and a toast to a successful summer 2017!

Kite Hill has much to celebrate. We've recently won new clients in the advertising, media and AI industries. We're excited to grow our client roster and our team. 

Interested in joining the Kite Hill PR team? Check out the open roles on our careers page! 


Bringing 'Work-life Integration' Policies to Life

In today’s fast-paced PR world, maintaining a work-life balance is increasingly important in achieving success, happiness, and productivity. Kite Hill PR’s policy is to give team members the flexibility to work both how and where they need to. We’ve found that having a work from home policy can contribute to achieving organizational objectives and employee well-being.

Kite Hill PR client, Goodway Group, has a notable approach to work life balance. Goodway Group has a company of 400-plus and a workforce that is completely remote. Jay Friedman, COO of Goodway, recently spoke with Fast Company about how this company is an innovative example of a flexible work culture. Read the full article on Fast Company

Friedman outlined some key benefits that working from home can provide, which include:
Allowing everyone to get important “life” things done. “By allowing people the flexibility to tend to their lives during the workday, you award people an incredibly valuable benefit that they grow to cherish.”
Keeping employees and internal communication organized. “Department notes, leadership team meeting notes, and most all other meeting agendas and notes are left open. This inspires trust and accountability, too. There are follow-up tasks on every page with the assignees called out.”
Making seasonal meetups productive and something to look forward to. “When people arrive, they’re genuinely excited to see each other - hugs abound because we literally haven’t seen each other in six months. For remote employees, seeing their work family can be as exciting as seeing extended families.”

What all of these benefits demonstrate is that creating flexible work environments and providing a positive approach to work-life integration can ultimately lead to better results for everyone involved.

Calling All Rising Stars: Kite Hill is Looking for an International Intern

Kite Hill PR, a growing tech and B2B specialist PR agency based in NYC, is looking for an intern interested in learning all aspects of the public relations field to join our growing UK team. The intern who fills this position should expect to learn the field from top to bottom. It's essential that applicants to this position have excellent communication skills, demonstrate creativity, and understand the importance of attending to even the smallest details. This is a hands-on role at a fast-paced agency with room for advancement. 


  • Research journalists, influencers, events, news moments or industry trends relevant to our UK clients and/or international clients
  • Compile client coverage and activity reports
  • Create or update press databases
  • Draft a variety of content, from blog posts to bylined articles

Please note that this is not a full-time position.


  • 2:1 or equivalent degree (with a preference for arts & humanities degrees)
  • Applicants should also have strong writing skills, as well as a solid understanding of social media
  • Only interns proficient with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications should apply

This is a paid position. Flexible hours with the option to WFH and from One Alfred Place and/or Kite Hill PR’s coworking office in London. Kite Hill is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Hear what a former intern, Moira Shannon, had to say about working with Kite Hill PR! Moira was recently hired as an Account Associate as a part of the NYC Kite Hill team.


Communications Week Summer Internship Opportunity

Kite Hill is the agency behind the leading industry week, Communications Week.  The week takes place every October, but we're already in planning stages for our 2017 events. 

Are you interested in learning about event planning as well as all aspects of the public relations field?
We're looking for an intern interested in event management to join the Kite Hill Experiences team in planning for Communications Week. It's essential applicants have excellent communication skills, organizational skills, demonstrate creativity, and understand the importance of attending to even the smallest details. This role will mainly assist in planning the weeklong event series, Communications Week.


  • Research event partners and sponsors 
  • Draft social media copy promoting the event and event partners 
  • Draft website or email copy promoting Communications Week 
  • Monitor all forms of media for mentions of Communications Week 
  • Research journalist contact lists  and industry trends and news

Students applying for this internship must have strong communication skills and should be majoring in Public Relations, Communications, or Marketing. Applicants should also have strong event planning skills, as well as writing skills and a solid understanding of social media. Only interns proficient with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications should apply.

Preferred: Public Relations, Marketing, Communications

To apply for this summer 2017 internship opportunity, email
No phone calls please. 

Kite Hill Founder & CEO Named PRNews Top Women in PR

Each year, PRNews names its coveted list of the "Top Women in PR." This year's list was a particularly exciting one. Kite Hill PR was recognized among many other movers and shakers in the industry, including powerful female leaders at some of the biggest PR agencies in the nation.

It is a commendable achievement to be recognized by one of the industry's top industry trades. The official announcement from PRNews and full list is available here


Wrapping Up Communications Week 2016

What an exciting year for the public relations industry! 

At this year's Communications Week, we examined how the industry is being reinvented as we embrace different mindsets and encourage PR professionals of the future to develop new skills. Traditional PR is a thing of the past, as we make way for influencer marketing, content marketing and new ways to connect brands and consumers. 

As the founding agency and the organizer of Communications Week, the Kite Hill team was excited to see hundreds of PR professionals come out to our events during the course of the week. Did you miss some of this year's sessions? 

Check out the Communications Week blog for full session recaps or follow us @CommsWeekNY on twitter throughout the year.