Kickstarting Your Newsjacking

Most communications programs have naturally defined peaks and valleys. Peaks are the times when you have a big news announcement such as a new product launch or funding round (see our tips for funding rounds here). Valleys are the periods without hard news. Many companies find themselves constrained during that time, but that’s where the true art of creative media relations and proactive storytelling comes into play. During these periods, “newsjacking,” derived from the concept of literally hijacking the news, can be essential to drive consistent coverage for your company.

Newsjacking is an art, not a science. Here are three recent examples of how Kite Hill PR inserted our clients into the news:

Fifty-Five, a data consultancy and You and Mr. Jones company, was one of the first companies to provide commentary regarding how Amazon’s recent acquisition of Sizmek would play out for the tech giant and what the major news means for marketers. With our counsel, the company was able to secure coverage in Ad Age.

Garrison, a groundbreaking technology firm reinventing cybersecurity solutions at the hardware level, proactively produced commentary related to the news of the U.K. government’s creation of a cybersecurity ambassador role and provided insight into how the appointment will have an impact on cybersecurity. We were able to secure coverage in the U.K.’s Cybersecurity Magazine.

Goodway Group, a leading programmatic services provider, amplified their voice while attending Facebook’s F8 conference by sharing commentary on how the news stemming from the event will affect the larger advertising industry. As a result of our outreach, we secured placement in Business Insider.

Newsjacking is an incredibly important practice to implement when your brand needs to break out. In all of the cases above, our team took into consideration not only the knowledge of their clients’ industry but also of the key executives and spokespeople and how their unique POV would show that they have a stake in the game.

Are you an in-house PR professional looking for some newsjacking inspiration? Here are three strategies we leverage at Kite Hill PR:

Take a Vertical Approach

We constantly are on the hunt for stories close to the heart of our business. However, there are often opportunities to issue comment and showcase your company’s value proposition in verticals outside of your core industry. Embrace your creativity and make connections with what’s happening in other verticals for even more opportunities.

Keep a Pulse on the Trends Emerging at Industry Events

As you are keeping a pulse on industry events, monitor the news and keep on top of new trends coming out of the conference. You have an opportunity to engage a reporter with unique insights that could ultimately lead to coverage.

Don’t Shy Away from Controversy

One mistake often made in PR is being afraid of being too contrarian or controversial. If you have a unique opinion that strays from the norm that you think the world needs to hear, embrace it. Reporters are always searching for fresh takes; by leaning into insights from your business, you can give journalists a story they didn’t even know they were looking for.  

By following these tips, you can help to ensure consistent visibility for your business.

- Ryann Slone, Account Executive