Funding Makes the Headlines at Kite Hill

As a tech agency working with thriving and growing startups, one key piece of news we’re often tasked with announcing is funding. From showcasing business growth to entering new markets, three Kite Hill clients recently leaned on our expertise to tell their brand story in an impactful way.

  • Applicaster, a company simplifying the production, delivery and maintenance of direct-to-consumer media applications, secured a $20 million round in funding to expand their global presence and product set. We generated more than 30 pieces of coverage for them, with key placements including Axios, VentureBeat and WSJ Pro Venture Capital.

  • PhotoShelter, a leading digital asset management platform for visual storytellers, raised $8 million in order to drive product innovation across its cloud-based visual media platforms, PhotoShelter and Libris; accelerate staff expansion; and finance a new company headquarters. We worked with their team to secure 11 pieces of coverage including features in New York Business Journal and VentureBeat.

  • TRIBE, a self-serve marketplace connecting brands with influencers, secured $7.5 million in funding to support their US launch and platform expansion. Results included an exclusive feature story in TechCrunch, with 11 placements across the US and UK. 

Funding is incredibly important to businesses, and communicating this news efficiently is even more crucial to support your company’s growth. Here are three tips to keep in mind for your next funding round announcement.

Plan and Prepare Efficiently
Beyond the time it takes to share the news and secure coverage, there is so much critical behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done for funding announcements. For PR teams to be able to shape the right story, engage a PR firm well in advance of the proposed announcement date. Make sure you establish what key information is necessary from both internal and external stakeholders and develop a clear and strategic plan of action in advance. 

Go Broad
Everyone has their “cream of the crop” publications. You should target outlets that are most important for your business, but remember that there’s a broader media environment through which you can amplify your message. The right PR partner will be able to target your message at both the key trades as well as business, financial and venture capital-focused publications. A tailored, yet broad outreach strategy will help you break through the noise and ensure the right people see your message.

Amplify the News Beyond PR 
When announcing your funding round, think about creative ways to amplify the news beyond press coverage that directly reinforces your business goals. For example, TRIBE shared their funding coverage across different social media networks, and as a result of sharing the news on LinkedIn specifically, they received dozens of job inquiries from applicants in the US. Meanwhile, Applicaster saw a significant increase in traffic to their website during the week the funding was announced. 

There are so many ways to announce a funding round, but these core strategies will help you produce the right results for your business.

- Mike Siegel, Account Manager