A Look Back on My Internship at Kite Hill PR

As a senior year at Manhattan College, I’d already spent many hours learning about what PR agencies do, but had yet to experience it hands on. At the end of this past August, I was offered the opportunity to join Kite Hill PR as the agency’s fall intern. Over the past several months working with the Kite Hill team, I have expanded my knowledge of the industry and have learned the true importance of a collaborative and proactive work environment.

Throughout my internship, I was able to explore an industry that was entirely new to me, adtech and martech! I quickly learned the basics of the industry and began to realize that martech is actually behind almost all of the marketing I’m exposed to on a daily basis. My hands-on work with Kite Hill’s clients and team projects allowed me to learn how the industry is constantly evolving and linked to many, if not all, marketing efforts in today’s interconnected advertising ecosystem.

In addition to learning about the broader technology landscape, my assignments showed me the importance of research, and the impact it plays as a strong foundation for all of the work the Kite Hill team does on a daily basis. Without detailed research, projects will not be completed as accurately and effectively as possible. Expanding my research skills and learning to identify what information is relevant to a task has at the same time helped me outside of Kite Hill with work in my college courses.

Not everything I learned was PR related, however. I’ve also been able to sharpen my time management and multitasking skills throughout my internship, seamlessly switching between different client tasks. I’ve become more confident in  handling day-to-day activities that require me to multitask.

The team at Kite Hill is made up of some of the most ambitious, friendly, positive professionals I have encountered throughout my prior years of interning. Everyone has contributed to the development of my skill set, setting me in good stead as I prepare to enter the workforce this spring. I am sincerely grateful that the entire team welcomed me with open arms and helped me learn so much.

Thank you Kite Hill for welcoming me as a part of the team!

- Nora Duffy, Senior at Manhattan College, Intern