Bringing 'Work-life Integration' Policies to Life

In today’s fast-paced PR world, maintaining a work-life balance is increasingly important in achieving success, happiness, and productivity. Kite Hill PR’s policy is to give team members the flexibility to work both how and where they need to. We’ve found that having a work from home policy can contribute to achieving organizational objectives and employee well-being.

Kite Hill PR client, Goodway Group, has a notable approach to work life balance. Goodway Group has a company of 400-plus and a workforce that is completely remote. Jay Friedman, COO of Goodway, recently spoke with Fast Company about how this company is an innovative example of a flexible work culture. Read the full article on Fast Company

Friedman outlined some key benefits that working from home can provide, which include:
Allowing everyone to get important “life” things done. “By allowing people the flexibility to tend to their lives during the workday, you award people an incredibly valuable benefit that they grow to cherish.”
Keeping employees and internal communication organized. “Department notes, leadership team meeting notes, and most all other meeting agendas and notes are left open. This inspires trust and accountability, too. There are follow-up tasks on every page with the assignees called out.”
Making seasonal meetups productive and something to look forward to. “When people arrive, they’re genuinely excited to see each other - hugs abound because we literally haven’t seen each other in six months. For remote employees, seeing their work family can be as exciting as seeing extended families.”

What all of these benefits demonstrate is that creating flexible work environments and providing a positive approach to work-life integration can ultimately lead to better results for everyone involved.