A Reflection On My Summer Internship At Kite Hill PR

This past summer I had the opportunity to intern at Kite Hill PR. Since this was my first internship I had no idea what to expect. I came into it hoping to gain experience in PR and expand my knowledge of the industry, but I was able to do so much more. This internship wasn’t about coffee runs and “busy work,” instead it consisted of hands-on projects and the opportunity to communicate directly with members of the entire team, including Tiffany Guarnaccia, the Founder and CEO of Kite Hill.

From my very first day everyone welcomed me as a member of the Kite Hill team and allowed me to make my own contributions. I quickly learned the importance of research in PR. My daily tasks included research of all forms. I had the chance to explore various news outlets in advertising, technology and business, comprise media lists based on these outlets, monitor industry events and awards within the tech industry and lay the groundwork to draft releases for multiple clients.

I witnessed firsthand how the world of PR is a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment. Seeing this made me realize the importance of always paying close attention to every detail. I saw that the work I was responsible for was an integral part to the planning and implementation of all projects in the office. Seeing the direct impact that my work had on the entire team, as well as the positive results that it produced made the experience worth so much more.

While the work was meaningful, it was the work in addition to the hands-on atmosphere and innovative environment that made my internship experience so great. The lessons I learned and the wonderful team that I had the chance to work so closely with are what had the biggest impact on me.
As I was able to work on multiple projects throughout the summer, I learned to not be afraid to make mistakes or ask questions, and most importantly to work hard no matter what the project may be. My time at Kite Hill was a great learning experience and a chance for me to grow as a thinker and communicator.

This is all thanks to the team I was fortunate enough to work with. Working directly with my mentor, Kara O’Donnell, and having contact with every member of the Kite Hill office allowed me to receive feedback from everyone, work on projects with each team member and truly gain hands-on experience in the field of PR.

This was certainly a memorable summer and I am eager to see where the knowledge and experiences I have gained will take me in the future!

 - Moira Shannon, St. John's University of New York