Reflecting on my time interning with Kite Hill PR


A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I could start thinking about my time with KITE HILL to help inform the company’s internship program going forwards. And so, after digging through my notes, emails, past tasks and briefs on anything and everything we have been up to during the past 12 weeks, I thought I’d offer some reflections on the most educational and formative experiences of my time with the UK team. I have also met some of the most creative, motivated, friendly and fun individuals since I moved to London and therefore I would first like to thank the KITE HILL UK team for their support and guidance through all of my assignments.
I have a profound interest in the tech and the start-up scene, especially new and innovative tech companies that tackle issues and problems impacting our everyday lives. Innovating is hard work, and within the walls of Kite Hill I have discovered how working with some of these tech companies demands similar innovation and creativity be reflected in their PR strategies.
Arriving to the office on a typical Monday morning to be introduced to new clients with unique products or solutions is something I will miss. To assist my colleagues in their work on these accounts has made me realise the importance of clear and strong research and insight to inform valuable strategies for clients, as well as good outcomes for the team. My time at Kite Hill has introduced me to several new methods for improving my research and communicational skills, whether compiling reports or researching for client projects,  which is something I am grateful for and will take with me to future roles.
Another skill I have enjoyed developing over the past weeks is employing creativity whilst conducting research. I found the most success while thinking creatively while still demonstrating great attention to detail. Bringing creativity and new thinking to everyday tasks can be a challenge, especially when a task is, as my colleague Yogi once remarked, “Mammoth”. However, I have learned the importance of learning and pushing for continued improvement through each assignment.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with the KITE HILL UK and US teams: they are all strong communicators and team-players who deliver great feedback that has certainly helped me to develop in the role and allowed me to benefit from new experiences as a consequence. These personal developments mean a lot to me and I am glad and grateful that the team of Kite Hill PR took me on for this truly educational and fun stint. Thank you!

Jacob Möller, University of the Arts London, School of Management and Science